NCRI Haematological Oncology Group

Group Chair

Professor Peter Hillmen (Haematologist, Leeds)

Professor Peter Hillmen (Haematologist, Leeds)

Group Calendar

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List of Group Members

Dr Lesley Anderson

(Chair in Health Data Science, Aberdeen)

Professor Stephen O’Brien

(Haematologist, Newcastle)

Dr Jim Cavet

(Haematologist, Mancheter)

Professor Oliver Ottman

(Clincial Professor, Cardiff)

Dr Gillian Horne

(Trainee, Glasgow)

Dr Alasdair Rankin*

(Research Director Bloodwise, London)

Professor Gordon Cook

(Haematologist, Leeds)

Dr Clare Rowntree

(Haematologist, Cardiff)

Professor Charles Craddock

(Haematologist, Birmingham)

Dr Anna Schuh

(Haematologist, Oxford)

Ms Lavinia Davey

(Nurse, Canterbury)

Ms Shamyla Siddique

(Trials Coordinator, Birmingham)

Professor Walter Gregory

(Statistician, Leeds)

Dr Simon Stanworth

(Haematologist, Oxford)

Dr Sally Killick

(Haematologist, Bournemouth)

Dr Simon Watt

(Haematologist, Manchester)

Ms Amy Kirkwood

(Statistician, London)

Professor Kwee Yong

(Haematologist, London)

Dr Dragana Milojkovic

(Haematologist, London)

Dr Thomas Fox

(Trainee, London)

Professor Adam Mead

(Haematologist, Oxford)

Dr Gillian Murphy

(Consumer, Surrey)

Professor Kikkeri Naresh

(Pathologist, London)

* Observer

Current Subgroups

CLL, chaired by Dr Anna Schuh
CML, chaired by Dr Dragana Milojkovic
AML, chaired by Professor Charles Craddock
ALL, chaired by Dr Clare Rowntree
MDS, chaired by Dr Sally Killick
MPD/MPN, chaired by Dr Adam Mead
Myeloma, chaired by Professor Gordon Cook

Other Information

The most up to date portfolio maps and recent annual report from the NCRI Haematological Oncology Group can be found below.

NCRI Haematological Oncology Group Annual Report 2018-19
» NCRI Haem Onc Group- Portfolio Maps


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