NCRI Translational Research Group (virtual)

The NCRI aims to stimulate and promote the inclusion of high quality translational research into clinical trials through the sharing of expertise across our many initiatives and NCRI Groups.

Other Information

Whether you are in the early stages of clinical trial design or have developed clinical trial proposals, the NCRI can offer advice on the translational element of your trial.

If you require translational advice in the following areas of your clinical trial, please contact


The NCRI Clinical Trial Pathology Advisory Group (CTPAG) is a group of over 50 experts that provide guidance and technical critique of pathology and biomarker components in clinical trials. For more information visit


The NCRI’s Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) has a group of radiotherapy experts which can provide advice about particular biomarkers, techniques or methodologies, or about other topics such as translational trial design or data processing. For more information visit



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