*COVID-19 Update* Recruitment to our Research Groups is currently suspended. Current members with queries about their membership should contact their coordinator in the first instance. Should you be interested in hearing about future membership opportunities, please contact NCRIGroups@ncri.org.uk.

Join an NCRI Group

The NCRI Groups bring together clinicians, scientists, statisticians and lay representatives, amongst many others, to coordinate development of a strategic portfolio of trials. We regularly rotate membership of the Groups and advertise posts on our NCRI website.

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Professor Gareth Griffiths, ex-CSG member“Sitting on an NCRI Group enables you to interact with a variety of experts – including clinicians, patient and carer representatives, scientists and research infrastructure such as funders and Clinical Trials Units, to both oversee the current trial portfolio available to our patients and consider the new studies we need to develop. The NCRI Group Members are from a variety of disciplines, each bringing something different to the table, but all working with the common aim of patient benefit – be that prevention, early diagnosis, cancer treatment or dealing with side effects due to treatment or disease.” – Professor Gareth Griffiths, ex-NCRI Group member

The NCRI Groups recruit from a wide range of disciplines.

Membership is for 3 years in the first instance, with an option to reapply for a further 3 years. There are two rounds of recruitment each year, usually in early summer and winter. Application is by CV and cover letter, with no interview.

The deadline for the next round of applications is summer 2019.

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NCRI Groups Chairs are appointed for 3 years in the first instance, with an option to reapply for a further 3 years.

Recruitment takes place once a year, usually in early summer, depending on vacancies. Application is by CV and cover letter, followed by a face to face interview.

The next round of applications will be in spring 2019

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I am a Clinical Oncology SpR and was a trainee member of the NCRI Bladder & Renal Group. The NCRI Group and Subgroup were extremely welcoming and supportive of my future research work. I gained an insight into the processes involved in planning and conducting studies of different size and scope. I was encouraged to take an active role in meetings and invited to additional NCRI workshops and research strategy groups.
I would highly recommend being a trainee member of an NCRI Group – it has been a great opportunity and rapidly accelerated my understanding of research without being a scary or overly time-consuming experience!” – Dr Sally Appleyard, Trainee

The NCRI Group Trainee Scheme provides the opportunity for junior researchers to experience the workings of an NCRI Group. Trainees are appointed for 2 years in the first instance with an option apply to join an NCRI Group or Subgroup thereafter, depending on vacancies.

The NCRI Group Trainee scheme application process for 2018 is now closed.

The next round of applications will open in summer 2020

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“The Subgroups carrying out essential work to support the main NCRI Groups strategic aims such as: portfolio development, collaborative approach to trial development & improving trial methodology & clinical utility. It is very rewarding to support research teams and play a role in transforming early concepts into funded national breast cancer trials.” – Dr Charlotte Coles, Subgroup Chair

NCRI Subgroup members are recruited directly by the Subgroup Chair. Core membership of a Subgroup is limited to 10 people.

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Mrs Elspeth Banks, Consumer“Being a consumer member of an NCRI Group has been an extremely rewarding experience. Colleagues respect and welcome my contributions, my genuine interest in supporting all aspects of the work of the group, and I have been valued as an equal contributor. We consumers bring different skillsets from our careers and lives, in addition to our perspective as patients or carers, which help us to offer an alternative approach or viewpoint in discussions. I have been offered a number of opportunities to take on various roles in research activities and have been invited to play a full and active part into the future strategy of the NCRI Group and the proposed direction of research.” – Mrs Elspeth Banks, Consumer

NCRI Group consumers are appointed for 3 years in the first instance, with an option to extend membership for a further 3 years, once activity is reviewed.

Recruitment takes place once a year, depending on vacancies.

Please visit the consumer webpage for more information on how to get involved.

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