Meeting dates

September 2019

16 September 2019
NCRI Leukaemia Subgroup Meeting All Day
16 September 2019
NCRI Oesophagogastric Workstream Meeting 14:30 - 16:30

October 2019

7 October 2019
NCRI Urological Cancers Trials Meeting 2019
Cavendish Conference Centre, London
All Day
8 October 2019
NCRI Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Trials Meeting 2019
Cavendish Conference Centre, London
All Day
10 October 2019
NCRI Teenage & Young Adults and Germ Cell Tumour Group Meeting 10:30 - 15:30
15 October 2019
NCRI Children's Group Meeting All Day
18 October 2019
NCRI Skin Group Meeting 13:00 - 18:00
21 October 2019
NCRI Pancreatic Workstream Meeting All Day
29 October 2019
NCRI Colorectal Group Meeting All Day

November 2019

13 November 2019
NCRI Bladder & Renal Group Meeting All Day
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NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) Meetings

NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) meetings are generally held biannually for most CSGs. They are closed meetings for members of the CSG to meet and discuss the trials in their portfolio, new trial proposals and discuss any wider issues of relevance to their Group e.g. NICE consultations.

NCRI Trials Meetings

Trials Meetings are open meetings held by many of the CSGs on an annual basis. They attract a wide range of attendees, from oncologists to research nurses and trials coordinators. Normally attended by over 200 delegates, the Trials Meetings cover the breadth of a Group’s portfolio and include lectures from international keynote speakers, reports on closed trials and introductions to studies in set up. These meetings usually carry five CPD points.


The NCRI CRG Team has run a number of workshops, often in conjunction with our CSGs and Advisory Groups.

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