Overview of the NCRI CSGs

CSG WordleThe NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) have been in existence for more than ten years, and are a central part of the UK’s cancer research infrastructure.

The CSGs bring together clinicians, scientists, statisticians and lay representatives to coordinate development of a strategic portfolio of trials within their field.

All CSGs interact with clinical research networks, funders and researchers to develop studies aimed at improving outcomes for patients.

The CSGs, sitting within the NCRI Clinical Research Groups (CRG) Team, provide the primary, but not sole, route through which new ideas for clinical trials are developed.

There are currently 18 NCRI CSGs, including 14 cancer site-specific groups and four cross-cutting groups. The CSGs are funded by a consortium of NCRI partners.

There are two rounds of membership rotation annually (summer and winter) and CSGs seeking applicants are advertised on the NCRI website.


» NCRI Clinical Studies Groups Remit, 2015 (PDF)

The CSGs do not:

  • Fund research
  • Have responsibility for the delivery of the clinical trials portfolio