Colorectal Cancer Clinical Studies Group

CSG Chair

Professor Simon Gollins

List of Members

Dr Andrew Beggs
Dr Michael Braun
Professor Vicky Goh
Dr Louise Brown
Dr Irene Chong
Dr Vicky Coyle
Dr Philip Dunne
Dr Tony Dhillon
Miss Farhat Din
Mr Stephen Fenwick
Ms Nicola Fearnhead
Dr Janet Graham
Professor James Hill
Dr Alexandra Irvine
Ms Monica Jefford
Dr Rohit Kochhar
Dr Sheela Rao
Professor Colin Rees
Dr Susan Richman
Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo
Professor David Sebag-Montefiore
Dr Ricky Sharma
Professor Anne Thomas
Dr Nick West
Professor David Weller
Dr Jane Winter
Dr Catherine Hanna (Trainee)
Dr Colin Steele (Trainee)

Current Subgroups

Surgical, chaired by Ms Nicola Fearnhead
Screening & Prevention, chaired by Professor Colin Rees
Advanced & Adjuvant, chaired by Dr Janet Graham
Anorectal Cancer, chaired by Dr Richard Adams

Other Information

The most up to date portfolio maps and recent annual report from the Colorectal Cancer CSG can be found below.

» NCRI Colorectal CSG – Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF)
» NCRI Colorectal CSG – Portfolio Maps

For past annual reports or further details about the Group’s activities, please contact the NCRI CRG Team.

» Email NCRI CRG Team