What is the NCRI Proposal Guidance meeting?

The Proposal Guidance meeting is an opportunity to gain advice and guidance on your research from members of the NCRI Groups; a network of cancer experts. This will include members which sit across our site-specific groups, cross-cutting groups and other NCRI Initiatives. Engaging with a proposal guidance meeting will provide a more integrated approach to your trial/study design and increase the likelihood of successful funding outcomes.

What is multidisciplinary research?

Multi-disciplinary research allows expertise and information from different areas of research to inform future research through the integration of multiple disciplines. The NCRI encourage protocol development across Research Groups where relevant and appropriate research questions exist. We are looking to invite proposals which cover two or more of our Groups and Initiatives: Bladder & Renal; Brain; Breast; Children’s; Colorectal; Gynaecological; Head & Neck; Haematological Oncology; Lung; Lymphoma; Prostate; Sarcoma; Skin; Teenage and Young Adults & Germ Cell Tumours; Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis (SPED); Upper GI; Living With and Beyond Cancer (LWBC); Radiotherapy (CTRad); Pathology (CMPath).

What happens during the Proposal Guidance meeting?

If you are successful you will be invited to attend a session, lasting up to 60 minutes, at a proposal guidance meeting. You will be invited to give a ten-minute presentation of your proposal, followed by a 25 minutes discussion with the panel and feedback. Each panel member will also submit written feedback from your proposal, which will be circulated after the session is complete.

The proposal guidance panel is made up of NCRI Groups’ and Initiatives’ scientific and consumer members. As far as possible we will select panel members, based on their skills and experiences, to match the information you give us on your application form.

Please note that your submitted proposal application form and relevant supporting documentation will be sent, in confidence, to the relevant NCRI Groups or initiatives members allocated to your session, for their preparation in advance. All group members will have signed a confidentiality agreement prior to the proposal being sent.

You can find out more information on the NCRI webpage here

Who are the NCRI Proposal Guidance sessions for?

Investigators (working in the UK) who would like pre-submission peer review of their proposal to add value and facilitate successful funding. At this time we are also accepting study ideas that are not as close to submitting for funding.

Submission timeline:

Once your proforma has been submitted we will let you know your outcomes and meeting invites will be sent, anticipated timelines are shown below.

You will be asked to send your presentation slides 48 hours before the meeting to proposal.guidance@ncri.org.uk 

Deadline for submission: Friday 28 August 2020, 23:59 PM

Expect to hear back from NCRI by: Tuesday 15 September 2020

Proposal Guidance dates for presentation: Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 October 2020

Please note that if we receive an unprecedented number of applications the NCRI may close the submission point earlier than the given deadline.

How do I apply?

Investigators are asked to apply by submitting an online application form, outlining their research question and proposal to the NCRI. Applications that are within remit will be accepted on a first come, first served basis to present to the panel and audience of expert members.

To submit a proposal for guidance please complete the form below, attaching document as requested within the online form. Please note that applications sent via e-mail will not be considered.

Please kindly refrain from sending the entire research proposal, take note of word limits in the application form and keep your overall application to a limit of 5 pages. Applications that do not comply with the guidelines will not be considered for proposal guidance.


NCRI Multidisciplinary Proposal Guidance Application form

Lead Researcher Details

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Secondary Contact Details

Multi-disciplinary elements

Please complete as much of the following questions as accurately as possible so that we can effectively find panel members to review your proposal.
Please supply 3-5 keywords that best describe your proposal topic/focus.
Please tick a maximum of 5 choices.

Study Details

Please complete the following document, saving it with the nomenclature given, and upload it into Application Form box below.
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These attached documents will be sent to the panel to review your proposal before the virtual proposal guidance session, so please complete these as fully as able to do so, you must include a Lay summary. Please upload (preferably as a pdf) named as: "Lead_Surname"_"Lead Initial"_"Study_Name_Application" (e.g. Jones_P_BoXER_Application)
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Please upload (preferably as a pdf) named as: "Lead_Surname"_"Lead Initial"_"Study_Name_Flow" (e.g. Jones_P_BoXER_Flow)


Please include the Funding body first and then the Funding Stream if possible.

Expert guidance sought:

Panel Member Areas of Interest

The Proposal Guidance panel will be formed of a group of experts with broad interests, this will also include a PPI representative.