Portfolio maps

The NCRI Clinical Research Group (CRG) portfolio maps are a visual overview of the cancer clinical studies within the NIHR portfolio, which are preparing to open for recruitment (‘In set-up’) or are actively recruiting patients (‘Open’) . The maps categorise studies by disease site or research interest of each CRG.

To view studies on the maps: select the map of interest, then select a subtopic and ‘click’ on a study
To download or share a map: 
go to the ‘map – print version’ tab at the top of the map and use the download or share functions at the bottom of the page. For more information on the using maps, please download our portfolio maps guide: » NCRI CRG portfolio maps guide
» Email the NCRI CRG portfolio maps coordinator

For further information, please contact the NCRI portfolio maps coordinator  Email the NCRI CSG portfolio maps coordinator