NCRI Prostate Group

Group Chair

Professor Hashim Ahmed

Professor Hashim Ahmed

Group Calendar

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List of Group Members

Professor Gerhardt Attard
(Medical Oncologist, London)
Mr Alex Hoyle
(Trainee, Manchester)
Dr Tristan Barrett
(Radiologist, Cambridge)
Dr Athene Lane
(Health Services Researcher, Bristol)
Professor Daniel Berney
(Pathologist, London)
Mr Tom Leslie
(Surgeon, Oxford)
Professor Richard Bryant
(Surgeon, Oxford)
Dr Simon Pacey
(Medical Oncologist, Cambridge)
Professor Rob Bristow
(Medical Oncologist; Scientist; Urologist, Manchester)
Mr Derek Price
(Consumer Representative, Birmingham)
Dr Fay Cafferty
(Statistician, London)
Mr Greg Shaw
(Surgeon; Urologist, London)
Dr Simon Crabb
(Medical Oncologist, Southampton)
Dr Aravindhan Sundaramurthy
(Clinical Oncologist, Edinburgh)
Ms Sue Duncombe
(Consumer Representative, Oxfordshire)
Dr Hannah Tharmalingam
(Trainee, Hertfordshire)
Dr Naomi Elster*
(Prostate Cancer Research Centre)
Dr Alison Tree
(Clinical Oncologist, London)
Mr Simon Grieveson*
(Prostate Cancer UK)
Dr Nicholas van As
(Clinical Oncologist, London)
Dr Athar Haroon
(Radiologist, London)
Dr Mohini Varughese
(Clinical Oncologist, Somerset)
Mr Rakesh Heer
(Surgeon, Newcastle)
Dr Richard Wagland
(Scientist, Southampton)
Dr Matthew Hobbs*
(Prostate Cancer UK)
Dr Hayley Whitaker
(Scientist, London)

* Observer

Current Subgroups

Localised Disease, chaired by Mr Rakesh Heer
Advanced Disease, chaired by Professor Gert Attard

Other Information

The most up to date portfolio maps and recent annual report from the NCRI Prostate Groups can be found below.

NCRI Prostate Cancer Group Annual Report 2018-19
» NCRI Prostate Group – Portfolio Maps


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