NCRI Cross-cutting group

To address the overlapping areas of remit between NCRI Psychosocial Oncology and Survivorship (POS), Supportive and Palliative Care (S&PC) and Primary Care (PC) CSGs, a restructure of these cross-cutting Groups has been agreed to ensure a more efficient and aligned approach moving forward. The work of the NCRI Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) and Acute Oncology Working Parties has also been encompassed into this new cross cutting structure.

In the new structure an Executive Group and Workstreams will be created, replacing the previous main CSG and CSG subgroups. The Executive Group will take a strategic role, providing oversight of the research landscape and proactively identifying opportunities for the work of the Group. The Workstreams will also identify new opportunities and develop new trials within their focus areas; reporting to the Executive Group regarding any changes in the research landscape relating to their area and providing reports on their progress.

Membership of the Executive Group will include:

  • the Executive Group Chair
  • the Chair of each of the five Workstreams (see below for further details)
  • a consumer representative
  • the relevant Research Delivery Manager
  • funder representatives (as appropriate)

The following five Workstreams will be initiated, covering each of the listed topic areas:

MUO/CUP Workstream Acute Care and Toxicities Workstream Late Consequences Workstream Advanced Disease and End of Life Care Workstream Methodology Workstream
Acute Oncology   Type I Acute Treatment Toxicities Late Toxicities Palliative Care PROMs
Primary Care Pathway Acute Cancer Toxicities Psychosocial Aspects Hospice Touch Screen/Apps
CUP Biology & Therapy Psychosocial Impacts of Treatment Primary Care    follow-up Bereavement Care Quality of Life/   Health Economics
Prehabilitation Primary Care Output Measures/ Trial Design
Primary/Secondary Care Interface Psychosocial Aspects Qualitative Research
Primary Care Data Linkage

We are currently seeking applications for chairs and members of each of the above names Workstreams:

The deadline for Workstream Chairs applications is 13 May – to apply click here

The deadline for membership applications to each of the Workstreams  is 21 May – to apply click here


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