Impact of NCRI Groups

One of NCRI’s strategic goals is to seize opportunities and address challenges in research related to cancer, and the NCRI Groups play a key role in this. Below are some case studies that demonstrate the impact of our Groups:

Since the NCRI Groups came into existence, they have worked hard to develop strong links with funders and Clinical Trials Units, working together to develop the highest quality clinical trials capable of making the biggest difference to cancer patients across the UK and worldwide.

60 Second Interviews

Subscribers to the NCRI newsletter will be familiar with our ’60 second interviews’ with key people involved in the work of NCRI. See below to read interviews relating to the work of the Groups:

60-second interview with Dr Paul Nankivell, member of the NCRI Head & Neck Group
(June, 2018)

As well as being a member of our Head & Neck Group, Paul is also a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant ENT/Head and Neck surgeon in Birmingham. Paul was one of the first trainees to join the NCRI Clinical Studies Group (CSG) Trainee Scheme, for which applications are now open for the 2018 round. In […]

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60 seconds with Lesley Stephens, a Consumer volunteer
(August, 2017)

We involve patients, carers and others affected by cancer across our work – we call them Consumers. At any one time, up to one hundred Consumers will be involved in our activities; making contributions to the setting of our strategy and, through involvement in NCRI activities, shaping actions at national level as experts in the experience […]

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60 second interview with Dr Lorna Fern
(November, 2016)

Dr Lorna Fern Research and Development Co-ordinator at NCRI recently reached a milestone –  she has worked for NCRI for 10 years! In our latest 60 second interview, we asked her how she became interested in science and what she enjoys about her role here at NCRI. When did you first become interested in science? […]

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60 second interview with Dr Meriel Jenney
(May, 2016)

To mark International Clinical Trials Day this year we speak to Dr Meriel Jenney, Chair of the NCRI Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia (CCL) Clinical Studies Group (CSG), and ask her about the importance of clinical research for childhood cancers and how partnership working and collaborations (both across the UK and internationally) are vital to ensure […]

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60-second interview with Dr Jenny Seligmann, trainee member of the NCRI Colorectal Clinical Studies Group
(March, 2016)

This interview was first posted in 2016. Dr Jenny Seligmann is a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Clinical Trials Fellow and medical oncology specialist based at the Leeds Clinical Trials research unit and St. James’s Institute of Oncology, Leeds. She participated in the NCRI Clinical Studies Group (CSG) Trainee Scheme in 2015, as a member of the Colorectal CSG. Here she talks to […]

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