Bladder & Renal Cancer Clinical Studies Group

Please note, the Bladder and Renal CSGs were merged in December 2015 to become the Bladder & Renal Cancer CSG.

CSG Chairs

Dr Alison Birtle
Dr Alison Birtle
Dr Paul Nathan
Dr Paul Nathan

List of Members

Dr Amit Bahl
Dr Jane Belfield
Mr Christopher Blick
Professor Janet Brown
Mr James Catto
Dr Simon Crabb
Dr Kate Fife
Dr Emma Hall
Professor Robert Huddart
Mr Mark Johnson
Dr Robert Jones
Dr Vincent Khoo
Mr Param Mariappan
Professor David Nicol
Dr Yvonne Rimmer
Mr Grant Stewart
Dr Fiona Thistlethwaite
Dr Naveen Vasudev
Mr Andrew Winterbottom
Mrs Rose Woodward
Dr Sally Appleyard (Trainee)
Dr Henry Däbritz (Trainee)

Current Subgroups

Penile Cancer, chaired by Dr Amit Bahl
T2 & below, chaired by Professor Robert Huddart
Advanced Bladder Cancer, chaired by Dr Simon Crabb

Surgical, chaired by Mr Grant Stewart
Systemic Treatments Working Party, chaired by Dr Fiona Thistlethwaite

Other Information

The most up to date portfolio maps and recent annual report from the Bladder & Renal CSG can be found below.

» NCRI Bladder & Renal CSG – Annual Report 2015-16 (PDF)

» NCRI Bladder & Renal CSG – Portfolio Maps

For past annual reports or further details about the Group’s activities, please contact the NCRI CRG Team.

» Email the NCRI CRG Team