Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis (SPED) Advisory Group


Dr David Baldwin

Professor David Baldwin

List of Members

Mr Hashim Ahmed
Professor Hugh Barr
Ms Meena Bhagat
Mr Christopher Blick
Dr Stella Bowcock
Professor John Britton
Professor Karen Brown
Professor Ian Cree
Dr Emma Crosbie
Dr Stefano Fedele
Dr Lorna Fern
Mr Jonathan Gregory
Dr Peter Hall
Professor Mark Hull
Dr Anne Mackie
Ms Teri Morgan
Dr Peter Murchie
Professor Richard Neal
Professor Michael Peake
Professor Peter Sasieni
Professor Matt Seymour
Professor Fiona Walter
Dr Sam Merriel (Trainee)
Dr Emma O’Dowd (Trainee)

The SPED Advisory Group was formed in 2012, with the following remit:

  • To facilitate and aid the development of protocols for studies involving screening, prevention and/or early diagnosis
  • To encourage successful and efficient delivery of screening, prevention and early diagnosis research, e.g. by optimising feasibility assessment and configuration of Network support
  • To advise the RSGs on issues affecting screening, prevention and early diagnosis research (e.g. through hosting regular themed meetings)
  • To maintain an overview of screening, prevention and early diagnosis research activity in the RSGs’ portfolios
  • To encourage collaboration across RSGs where appropriate (e.g. identify other relevant RSGs to participate in a screening, prevention and/or early diagnosis trial)
  • To work closely with the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes, Primary Care Research Network (PCRN) and other relevant bodies.

Ongoing work

  • Strong links with NAEDI and EDAG
  • SPED Proposals Guidance Workshop (with plans to extend)
  • Interactions with Early Cancer Detection Consortium (ECDC) and UK Therapeutic Cancer Prevention Network (UK-TCPN)
  • Linking up Research Groups.


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