Overview of the NCRI CSGs

The Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs), sitting within the NCRI Clinical Research Groups (CRG) Team, represent a central component of the framework for cancer research in the UK, providing the primary, but not sole, route through which new ideas for clinical trials are developed. There are currently 18 NCRI CSGs, including 14 cancer site-specific groups and four cross-cutting groups. The CSGs are funded by a consortium of NCRI partners.

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Please follow the link below to view the remit of the NCRI Clinical Studies Groups.

» NCRI Clinical Studies Groups Remit, 2015 (PDF)


The CSGs differ in regards to size of membership and balance of specialities, although each has a number of scientific members, two consumer representatives and a number of observer members. The specific organisation and structure of each Group is agreed in discussion with the NCRI Clinical Director. CSGs meet two to three times annually and have a common format to their meeting agendas.  Several Groups also have subgroups and working parties, which will meet to progress the work of the CSG between meetings.

There are two rounds of membership rotation annually (summer and winter) and CSGs seeking applicants are advertised on the NCRI website, in the British Medical Journal and via the clinical research networks.


The NCRI CRG Team, led by Ms Nicola Keat, is responsible for the overall day-to-day management and support of the CSGs.

Please contact the NCRI CRG Team for any queries about the CSGs.

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