Supportive & Palliative Care Clinical Studies Group

CSG Chair

Professor Sam Ahmedzai
Professor Sam Ahmedzai

List of Members

Dr Louise Carter
Mrs Michelle Collinson
Dr Andrew Dickman
Dr Jim Elliott
Dr Sara Faithfull
Mrs Jean Gallagher
Dr Amélie Harle
Professor Jane Hopkinson
Professor Mari Lloyd-Williams
Dr Matthew Maddocks
Dr Catriona Mayland
Dr Paula Mulvenna
Professor Fliss Murtagh
Dr Annmarie Nelson
Dr Gillian Prue
Dr Sabine Best*
Dr Teresa Young
Dr Emily Harrop (Trainee)
Dr Donna Weiand (Trainee)

* Observer

Current Subgroups

Early stage disease and acute treatment toxicities, chaired by Dr Gillian Prue
Advanced disease and end of life, chaired by Dr Matthew Maddocks
Survivors and late consequences, chaired by Dr Sara Faithfull

Other Information

The most up to date portfolio maps and recent annual report for the Supportive & Palliative Care CSG can be found below.

» NCRI S&PC CSG – Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF)

» NCRI S&PC CSG – Portfolio Maps

For past annual reports or further details about the Group’s activities, please contact the NCRI CRG Team.

» Email NCRI CRG Team

Information on research leads, studies and contacts for the NCRI Supportive & Palliative CSG can be found below.

» NCRI S&PC CSG – Research Leads, Studies & Contacts (PDF)