Breast Cancer Clinical Studies Group

CSG Chair

Dr Dan Rea
Professor Daniel Rea

List of Members

Dr Jean Abraham
Dr Anne Armstrong
Professor Judith Bliss
Professor Janet Brown
Dr Charlotte Coles
Mr Ramsey Cutress
Professor Janet Dunn
Ms Cliona Clare Kirwan
Professor Chris Lord
Professor Iain Lyburn
Dr Elizabeth Mallon
Mr Stuart McIntosh
Professor Carlo Palmieri
Ms Shelley Potter
Mrs Janice Rose
Ms Pankaj Roy
Dr Vijay Sharma
Dr Muthyala Sreenivas
Ms Lesley Stephen
Dr Carolyn Taylor
Dr Simon Vincent
Professor Andrew Wardley
Dr Duncan Wheatley
Dr Indrani Bhattacharya (Trainee)
Dr Adam Heetun (Trainee)
Dr Sheeba Irshad Kanth (Trainee)

Current Subgroups

Translational & Imaging, chaired by Professor Iain Lyburn
Advanced Disease, chaired by Professor Carlo Palmieri
Early Disease, chaired by Dr Charlotte Coles
Symptom Management, co-chaired by Dr Anne Armstrong and Dr Adrienne Morgan

Other Information

The most up to date portfolio maps and recent annual report from the Breast CSG can be found below.

» NCRI Breast CSG – Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF)
» NCRI Breast CSG – Portfolio Maps

For past annual reports or further details about the Group’s activities, please contact the NCRI CRG Team.

» Email NCRI CRG Team

Further information on the guidelines for submitting proposals for review to the NCRI Breast CSG can be found below.

» Proposals Guidelines